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Hybrid Power Factor Correction Panel

Looking For Hybrid Power Factor Correction Panel?

In order to mitigate the power quality issues along with delivering reactive compensation, Inventum Power takes this platform to introduce its highly advanced and efficient IGBT based Hybrid Power Factor Correction System.

Hybrid Power Factor Correction System is an intelligent IGBT based device that addresses reactive compensation on first priority along with addressing the other power quality issues prevailing in the power system. Hybrid Power Factor Correction System is a integrated system of Active Harmonic Filter with heavy duty detuned capacitor banks into a single panel. Where traditional solution fails to maintain the true power factor of the facility, hybrid system has shown proven results over DG operation and welding loads as well.   

Hybrid Power Factor Correction System is a whole sole solution to application where reactive compensation is needed along with addressing other power quality issues at a facility . Salient features of Hybrid Power Factor Correction System has been enlisted below:

  • Ultra fast reaction time < 400 microseconds
  • Step-Less & Précised Reactive Compensation
  • Delivers lagging reactive compensation (on First Priority
  • Delivers leading reactive compensation (on lower priority)
  • Harmonic Mitigationupto 51st harmonic order (on second priority)
  • Load Balancing (on lower priority)
  • Negative sequence current compensation
  • Delivers neutral compensation
  • Proven results on welding and highly fluctuating load profile
  • Compatible with DG Operation
  • Optimal utilization of electrical installation
  • Reduced failure rate
  • Reduced production down time
  • Enhanced system efficiency and productivity
  • Improved Power factor near to unity
  • Improved voltage profile
  • Reduced heating losses


Typical Installations:

  • Print Industry
  • Process Industry
  • Auto ancillaries & welding parts
  • Construction Sites
  • Steel plants, Rolling Mills & Furnaces
  • Railway Traction System
  • Oil & Gas Sector
  • Cement Industry
  • IT Industry
  • Hospitals & Hotels
  • Textile Industry
  • Commercial & Residential Complexes
  • Mineral Ore Industry


DVR ( Dynamic Voltage Regulator) :

Voltage stability is a severe problem in power systems, which steadily reach operating limits imposed by economic and environmental conditions. With every change in load conditions, voltage level changes. Reactive power demand increases with every drop in voltage which leads to further decline in bus voltage resulting in cascade effect on neighbouring installations.

Inventum Power comes up with its highly efficient IGBT based Dynamic Voltage Regulator for fast, step-less and accurate voltage regulation with its advanced converter technology.

Dynamic Voltage Regulator provides dual voltage tracking and current tracking with robust algorithm to ensure that sensitive loads are effectively isolated from grid side sag/swell events. Salient features of Dynamic Voltage Regulator has been enlisted below:

  • IGBT based converter technology that results in continuous voltage regulation
  • Fast, Accurate & Uninterrupted voltage regulation
  • Effective isolation from grid disturbances and fluctuations
  • Increased system efficiency and productivity
  • Improved product quality and reduced rejections
  • No moving parts, hence negligible maintenance cost.
  • Independent regulation of each phase
  • Allows bi-directional power flow
  • Redundant internal bypass in case of internal fault and load can be operated directly from grid supply
  • Unbalance voltage correction
  • Regulates both sag and swell events
  • No risk of voltage surge
  • Stability with regenerative loads

Typical Installations

  • Process Industry
  • Auto ancillaries
  • Construction Sites
  • Iron & Steel
  • Medical
  • Hospitality
  • Residential & Commercial complexes
  • Cement Industry
  • Printing Industry

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